Anthony Rota has resigned. Now it’s Justin Trudeau’s turn.

Canada’s political elite likes to portray Canada as an important player on the world stage. Due, however, to the elite’s own conduct, Canada is but a minnow in the geopolitical sea. [...]

Is the Ottawa bubble impenetrable?

With Chris Cook on Gorilla Radio, I discuss the abject refusal of Canada’s entire political class to confront the realities of the war in Ukraine. Although major Western media organizations [...]

Ukraine’s doomed counter-offensive

On September 11, 2023, I spoke about the state of the Ukraine war with Zain Raza of German independent media outlet AcTVism Munich. I argued that, not only has Ukraine’s counteroffensive [...]

Swedish media ostracize opponents of NATO

I spoke this week with Wilke Wilcek of Sweden’s Communist Party about Sweden’s accession to NATO. According to Wilcek, shortly before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, only 32% of [...]