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This week, American documentary film-maker Regis Tremblay, who lives in Crimea, spoke with me and fellow attorney Dan Kovalik about corruption in the Biden family, the U.S. “intelligence” community’s brazen interference in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, and the increasing geopolitical importance of BRICS.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here:



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  • Lorna Hillman

    I agree with you Dimitri about BRICS. I’ve been witnessing and opposing western economic and military hegemony all my adult life (45 years so far!) and it was inevitable that such a consortium as BRICS would develop. I didn’t think I would see it in my lifetime. Go BRICS go!

  • Lorna Hillman

    A question Dimitri. Why is China inviting you to go to Tibet? Knowing the history of the devastating Chinese invasion and continued occupation of Tibet, Needless to say, I’m suspicious.

  • C.

    How can someone with your credentials write this? You know better, I am certain. Sullivan & Cromwell securities lawyer, Goldman, & Green party civil rights activist just do not go together. But it would be nice.

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