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With Chris Cook on Gorilla Radio, I discuss the abject refusal of Canada’s entire political class to confront the realities of the war in Ukraine.

Although major Western media organizations – including the New York Times, the Washington Post and The Times of London – have begun to depart grudgingly from NATO’s fake narrative about this war, Canada’s Parliament remains unanimous in its support for the endless escalation of this existentially dangerous conflict.

Sadly, it appears that the Ottawa bubble is virtually impenetrable. In the Western world, the last place where the truth arrives is Canada’s capital.

My discussion with Chris begins at 30:20 of this podcast:

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  • Tom Savage

    I believe the problem in Canada is the mainstream media that stands by the federal government/Liberals and protects them no matter what. Then the majority of the population just believes in these often false narratives, making it impossible to have enough Canadians counter the government policies.
    Having the media behave like this, just reinforces the Ottawa bubble.

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