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On September 11, 2023, I spoke about the state of the Ukraine war with Zain Raza of German independent media outlet AcTVism Munich.

I argued that, not only has Ukraine’s counteroffensive failed, but that Ukraine would have lost the war even if its counteroffensive had succeeded. The West, in short, is leading Ukraine to destruction.

In addition, the West has never acknowledged that ethnic Russians living in Ukraine enjoy, as do we all, the right to self-determination, and that all reasonable efforts should be made to ascertain whether they wish to remain part of Ukraine.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here:

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  • Eric Peter

    As always you speak my heart. I have spoken to many acquaintances, friends, and family about the truths regarding the Russia-Ukraine war based on your blog, the Real News, writings and video interviews by and of such intellectuals as Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges et al. Too often the response is an echo of American propaganda, no doubt acquired from the main stream media and right-wing websites. I have been called all the usual names such as conspiracy theorist and the like. My question is, with your vast experience with such conflicts, what advice can you share? I’d sure appreciate the help. The best I’ve been able to do so far is offer to buy them Chris Hedges’ book “The Greatest Evil is War”. Very few takers, sadly.

  • Peter Bergmanis

    Jeez Dimitri. Is there no mental contortion that you could envision which recognizes Putin as the aggressor and Ukraine as the victim? Putin is war. Capitulate all you want and peace will still evade the West

  • Gregory Gillis

    Thank you Dimitri another great interview where you dissect the insanity of Western governments and their subservience to Washington. The immaturity of these leaders and governments remains astonishing!

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