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On October 16, 2023, Consortium News held a roundtable discussion about the Global Greens and their theoretical commitment to peace. I participated in the discussion, along with Australian Senator David Shoebridge, former Australian Senator Lee Rhiannon, and former EU Greens Spokeswoman, Diana Johnstone.

Beginning at 29:40 of the discussion, I described the struggle over Palestinian rights in the Green Party of Canada, as well as the German Green Party’s ardent support for escalating the Ukraine war. Based on the attitude of the German and Canadian Greens to these and other conflicts, I argued that both parties have been co-opted by the military industrial complex.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here:


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  • Franklin Farmer

    The Green party of Canada is NOT a political party. They have no future, no ideology, no chance of doing anything important, except being hippies, vegans and birdwatching. If you want change and to make a difference, you have to work within political parties, you can’t turn hippies into anything else but hippies. I’m 76 these people are worthless, go organise working class people . Next years when we Trump refugees. Dimitri, you can make change just get away from birdwatchers

  • Ali Tchanguizi

    It is really regrettable that those who once defended the rights of the Palestinians and other oppressed people of the world as an alternative to the Zionist warmongers and colonialists, today have turned into war promoters and defenders of the Zionists, colonialists (green parties) and warmongering plans. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock looks more like a fascist than a progressive.

  • John Partyka

    I learned more about Dimitri’s GPC history, Elizabeth May and Annamie Paul in this interesting discussion. The subsequent interview with Diana Johnstone was even more illuminating! I suggest that it’s not only international Greens that have been co-opted by the military industrial complex; the Left in general has been co-opted. In my (somewhat arbitrary) terms, we have “pragmatic Greens”, like the speakers in this clip, versus the “woke Greens”, who prefer to avoid practical details or serious contradictions to first principles. Likewise I distinguish the “pragmatic Left” from the “woke Left”. In both cases, Green or Left, the actual participants are often the same individuals! Anyway, that’s how I see it. I’m grateful for all of your ideas and work Dimitri.

  • Hans G Modlich

    Tectonic shifts are occurring in the global balance of power, as Biden and his puppet parade of pilgrims to Jerusalem are spreading Netanyahu’s ever more desperate and transparent lies.

    Moral power will trump military might. Believe it and let’s act together in protest.

  • Terry

    I’ve long believed the German “Green” party is really a CIA front. As a Canadian socialist I added the Canadian Greens to my political donation list when Elizabeth May was the sole Member of Parliament to vote against Canadian participation in the bombing of Libya while the entire NDP caucus tried to outdo each other in pledging allegiance to the genocidal NATO war. Unfortunately it didn’t take long before Elizabeth May joined the NATO chorus, but for a brief moment she was a beacon of decency in Parliament.

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