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After Israel’s drone strike in Beirut, Lebanon on January 2, 2024, I spoke today with Lebanese-Canadian journalist Nada Raphaël, who currently lives in Lebanon. Nada explained that, many weeks before Israel’s January 2 attack in Beirut, Israel had already begun to escalate its war on Lebanon by striking Lebanese civilian areas deeper into Lebanon, and by killing Lebanese civilians.

Israel, she added, has destroyed many olive groves and large tracts of agricultural land in south Lebanon by saturating the area with white phosphorus.

You can watch the complete interview here:

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  • Eric Peter

    Liars, thieves, and murderers. I have never been so angry, so sad, and felt so helpless. We carry on as if these crimes against humanity are not our problem. Family friends glued to their main-stream media news broadcasts constantly try to justify Israel’s cruelty to me by referencing Hamas. My answer is; “if a neighbor kills a member of my family, would I be justified in murdering ‘his/her’ entire family?” The murder and genocide in Gaza goes beyond that. It is as if the hypothetical neighbor’s crime is answered by murdering everyone on the street and in town. Netanyhu is behaving like a mass murdering psychopath… and the Jewish lobbyists are supporting him and his government. WHY!?

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