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Today, I spoke with American documentary film-maker Regis Tremblay about the prospects of a South African victory at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). I explained to Regis why I believe that the ICJ is likely to rule against Israel and grant to South Africa the provisional relief that it seeks.

Regis and I also discussed the Biden administration’s criminal bombardment of Yemen, the Houthis’ efforts to save Gaza, the growing danger of a major war in the Middle East, and the grim future of Israel’s apartheid regime.

Finally, we talked about Israel’s incessant complaints about the United Nations. Although Israel’s supporters claim that the United Nations is ‘biased against Israel’, the institutions of the U.N. have done nothing to enforce international law in the occupied Palestinian Territories and are profoundly complicit in the suffering of the Palestinian people.

By rendering a judgment against Israel, the ICJ has an opportunity to address, at long last, the U.N.’s historic failure to defend the human rights of Palestinians.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here:


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  • John-Albert Eadue

    About time these things have been discussed. Some
    people actually think that the judges are so politically
    controlled that the ICJ effort will fail. So
    I hope you’re right.

  • Subhuti37

    Good discussion with Regis. I live in Thailand and meet Israelis often. Generally speaking–and I’ve observed this for years – – they have serious psychological problems. I try to avoid them.

    You’re right, Israel cannot be allowed to continue as is. But even as you suggest, if the most virulent among them leave, they’ll keep their toxic mentality, just like Ukrainian Nazis who came to Canada.

  • John-Albert Eadue

    “they’ll keep their toxic mentality, just like Ukrainian Nazis who came to Canada” I really agree with this, and wish others would admit that it’s the case. If I may stray from the topic, I am against the new intention of Canada to let so many new people immigrate. Palestinians should be allowed to directly immigrate, but in general I’m against the new limits. Too many. We should organize ourselves better to achieve economic goals. To be clear, I almost universally like immigrants I’ve met. On the other hand in Vancouver’s West End, one seldom hear English in the occasionally very overcrowded buses (#5 Robson). I think its different in Mr. Trudeau’s neighbourhood. Sorry for the serious digression.

  • Eric Peter

    Giving certain UN member countries a veto makes the UN totally ineffective. The answer I often received from my peers was; “without the veto these countries would not join”. My response was and is; “then let them quit or not join, then perhaps the necessary and humane resolutions would at least pass.” Now, the UN is a store-front that makes the masses think that there is an organization (the UN) that is doing some good… bullshit politics. The UN, as is, is a joke… similar to our corporate-sponsored governments that we call “democratic”.

  • Eric Peter

    The Israeli Zionists and their wealthy American counter-parts will not allow a single state putting Jewish citizens in the minority. A two-state solution back to 1967 borders is the only logical and fair solution. History has shown us that American foreign-policy insanity and political ego will continue to throw road-blocks to any fair solution. I am also ashamed of our own government’s lack of empathy and support for the children of Palestine!!!!

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