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From the moment that the ICJ issued its historic decision against Israel last Friday, Israel’s propagandists started lying about it.

Although the Court did not use the word “ceasefire”, the only rational way to interpret its decision is that the Court has ordered Israel to cease – immediately and unilaterallyall attacks on Gaza.

During the past weekend, I was invited to explain the meaning of the ICJ’s decision on two podcasts. In both discussions, I commented that some Palestinian solidarity activists had misunderstood the decision and were inadvertently spreading Israel’s propaganda about its meaning.

The first podcast was Green Planet Monitor, with Dr. David Kattenburg. Our discussion begins at 17:00 (in the first 17 minutes of the podcast, Dr. Kattenburg discussed the ICJ’s decision with Professor William Schabas, an expert in international law.)

You can listen to Green Planet Monitor here:

Landmark Ruling in The Hague

The second podcast was Blueprints of Disruption, with Jessa McLean and Santiago Helou Quintero. You can listen to Blueprints of Disruption here:

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  • Carol Pickup

    President Biden is supporting the wrong country in this disastrous conflict. In order to understand the current day situation we have to remind ourselves of the history of the creation of Israel and the subsequent moves on the part of Israel to seize lands that belong to Palestine. Israel is responsible for the creation of Hamas to right these wrongs even though I don’t support its actions either. The movie, “Exodus” provides insights into the whole story and should be shown again. My Canadian Jewish friends do not support the actions taken by Israel either. There should be an immediate ceasefire and a return to Palestine of the lands taken illegally by Israel.

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