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As Israeli forces launched a ‘limited’ ground incursion into Rafah, I had the opportunity to speak to former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter.

Although he once worked with and was sympathetic to Israel and its military, Ritter has become an implacable critic of the Zionist entity’s genocidal war on Palestinians.

Our discussion was wide-ranging.

We began with the question of whether Israel’s attack on Rafah was likely to result in its defeat of Hamas.

We then turned to the question of recent missile attacks on Israel, the results of which cast doubt on the narrative that Israel’s people and military assets are well-protected by the country’s air defences.

Ritter and I also explored the prospect of Iran developing a nuclear weapon to deter further attacks by Israel and the United States.

Finally, we reviewed the demands that Hamas has made as a condition of releasing the hostages in its custody, and debated whether Israel was serious about concluding a cease-fire deal.

Scott Ritter tends to be passionate, and this interview was no exception. For the most part, however, he provided a clear, calm and compelling analysis of the military realities confronting Israel.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here:

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  • Eric Peter

    I am in Istanbul and… from a letter home… Joined a Protest for Palestine: I tried to be strong but the tears came anyway when the children brought mock-up shrouded bodies of their dead brothers and sisters… and the tears came anyway. I was given a Kafiya by a fellow protester. The last time I felt this way was when I toured the torture prison in Cambodia. The Fing Israelis are killing kids in Rafah as I write and they have blocked the Freedom Flotilla with food for the starving. I raise my fist!! and wear the scarf with humility. Canada is culpable. Our Zionist friendly government is sending arms… never another Liberal vote!!!!

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