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Today, while I was standing atop the historic Beaufort Castle in south Lebanon, Hezbollah’s forces bombarded Israel’s military base in Metula, in northern occupied Palestine.

Lebanese journalist Hadi Hoteit, who was with me at the time, managed to record a portion of the attack.

Hezbollah has struck Metula repeatedly since October 7 of last year. Israel’s air defences seem incapable of shielding the base from the enemy’s bombardments.

Immediately following the attack, we heard the sounds of Israeli warplanes in the skies above. We were obliged to leave the scene quickly to avoid being targeted in a retaliatory strike.

You can watch and listen to my report on the attack here:

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  • Anthony Christie`

    It’s great that you’re reporting on this and on so much else, and I believe you when you say “This is what we saw…”, but not when you say “…and heard.” Don’t, please, insult your otherwise grateful readers, viewers, and listeners with a cheesy musical soundtrack. It doesn’t enhance. It diminishes. It diminishes your reporting. It cheapens the truth.

    • Dimitri Lascaris

      My video editor inserted the music because we could not use the audio for the report. I agree that the report would have been better without the music.

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