Can Syriza’s Use of Soft Power be Reconciled with the Values of the Radical Left?

Since first coming to power in January 2015, the ‘radically left’ government of Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras has deepened Greece’s ties to the apartheid regime of Benjamin Netanyahu. These ties have included joint military exercises in Greece and the development of joint offshore fossil fuels projects. The Tsipras government has even gone so far as to advise Netanyahu that it would defy an EU directive requiring the accurate labelling of products made in Israel’s illegal West Bank settlements.

Prime Minister Tsipras has also sought closer relations with the dictatorship of Egypt, which Human Rights Watch has accused of crimes against humanity, and with the U.S. administration of Donald Trump. 

On my recent trip to Greece, I had the opportunity to interview Syriza MP Costas Douzinas. Mr. Douzinas is the Chairperson of the Greek Parliament’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Defence. In this interview, I explore with Professor Douzinas whether Greece’s efforts to deepen ties to governments that have shown scant regard for human rights can be reconciled with the values of the radical left. Our discussion can be seen here:


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