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This week, as the world waited for Israel’s military response to Iran’s unprecedented drone and missile strikes, I spoke with geopolitical analyst, Laith Marouf.

A controversial figure

Marouf is a controversial figure in Canada. After studying, living and working in Montreal, Marouf garnered a reputation as a fierce critic of Zionism and leading Canadian Zionists. He also incurred the wrath of Quebec nationalists.

Eventually, Marouf became so toxic to the Canadian establishment that he was banned, effectively, from the public discourse. As a result, he has been unable to respond to the charges against him.

I met Marouf years ago in Montreal. He is now based in Beirut, Lebanon, where he serves as Executive Director of Free Palestine TV.

Last month, on my most recent trip to Lebanon, I interviewed Marouf about his conflicts with Canadian Zionsits. The interview, which is titled “Why Laith Marouf drives Zionists crazy”, can be viewed here.

Israel dangerously exposed

In my newest interview of Marouf, we returned briefly to the subject of his banishment from Canada’s public discourse. This time, we touched on his clashes with Quebec nationalists.

The focus of our conversation, however, was the recent Iranian attacks on Israel, and the looming Israeli military response.

Marouf argues that Israel is now dangerously exposed, particularly after Iran caused extensive damage to a key military installation near Israel’s border with Lebanon.

According to Marouf, Israel’s military is hiding the true damage that it sustained in the Iranian attacks. Hezbollah’s forces, he maintains, have begun to exploit the vulnerabilities resulting from that damage.

Marouf and I both believe that another Israeli attack on Iranian interests is inevitable, and that that attack is likely to provoke a massive Iranian response.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here:

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  • gw

    please look into AI transcripts of your interviews. I am hugely interested in what is being said here. I don’t have an hour to spare listening to something I can read in 5 minutes. Other podcasters seem able to do this.

    • Peter Wilson

      This discussion is a banquet,not fast food!
      Two great journalist/intellects/polyglots who know the region.

    • Amber Lane Smith

      AI is notoriously inaccurate as anyone with any sense knows, and the author/interviewer is pretty constrained for time for reasons other than personal time. In all attempts to be respectful where it is not warranted, rather than petulant requests, make the time. If you are serious and not just looking to be spoon fed, make an offer to be helpful and transcribe it yourself or find/pay someone for yourself and others perhaps?

  • gw

    re fast food: very clever – not relevant to my needs or the issue I raise. I am willing to hear your point of view. I am not a devotee. The request is a reasonable one.

  • Gregory Gillis

    Thank you Dimitri another outstanding interview. Your work is so valuable as it shows the hypocrisy of our Western Media! Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto on May 14!

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