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Yesterday, in Istanbul, Turkey, Chief “Mandla” Mandela delivered a speech to participants in the Freedom Flotilla’s emergency mission to Gaza.

Chief Mandela is the tribal chief  of the Mvezo Traditional Council and the grandson of Nelson Mandela. He has been a member of South Africa’s Parliament for the African National Congress since 2009.

After his moving presentation, I and other journalists who are participating in the Freedom Flotilla’s emergency mission to Gaza had an opportunity to speak with him.

As he explained, the South African government’s exemplary intervention at the International Court of Justice on behalf of the victims of Israel’s genocide resulted, in part, from the tenacious efforts of South African civil society.

Although South African activists are gratified that their elected representatives have risen to the occasion, they believe and insist that the government of Cyril Ramaphosa do more to defend the humanity of the Palestinian people.

You can watch and listen to Chief Mandela’s speech and my conversation with him here:

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