Manufacturing Consent to a Venezuela Coup – Canadian Style

Shortly before the most recent failed attempt of Western powers to subvert Venezuela’s elected government, I gave this presentation in Winnipeg on the manufacturing of consent for a coup in Venezuela:


  1. fjwhite

    Dynamite presentation as usual Dimitri. Pity there isn’t a Canadian political party worthy of your talents — definitely PM calibre.
    Know you’re very busy but you may be interested in the ongoing battle my partner, Helga Wintal, has been having with the CBC Ombudsperson. She fired off her latest salvo today, which I have reposted on my blog under the title : sub-title — “Response to CBC Ombudsperson’s dismissal of complaints re Venezuelan coverage” : Criticisms raised by complainants are valid — “CBC’s overall coverage was one-sided and tilted against Maduro,” says Helga Wintal. ShortLink:
    Links to the other 4 titles in this exchange are given on the above post.

    No response expected.

    Best Wishes, Frank White

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  2. g2-ea1e148b4413f15d3a7bdfdf69627b95

    Excellent presentation Dimitri!

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