Pink Floyd Co-Founder Roger Waters Endorses Dimitri Lascaris as Next Leader of Canada’s Green Party

I’m honoured to the have endorsement of Roger Waters in the Green Party of Canada’s Leadership race. Roger is not only an extraordinary musician, he is also admired around the world as a champion of human rights and social justice.


  1. lonely rico

    Roger Waters – “Let’s get Dimitri, not just to be the leader of the Green Party, but to be the prime minister of Canada”
    Sounds like a good program. Go for it Dimitri.

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  2. Elijah Bak

    He’s the only candidate who is speaking to the issues of the working class. We need a party that supports the largest block of taxpaying voters in this country and Dimitri is the one to make that happen.


  3. Youri Smouter

    Roger Waters hasn’t lost anything of his protest spirit against any injustice from his Pink Floyd days and now, he’s often underrated in that respect as Pink Floyd often protested against the injustice of capitalism, the human condition, wars, and so fourth. Its great to see particularly Roger continue it, he’s the last of what sadly seems to be a dying breed and keeps himself better informed then many others. Glad to see him endorse Dimitri and I agree, not just to be leader of the Greens, but Prime Minister that’d be epic! hire me if possible! 🙂


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