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The primary responsibilities of the Green Party leader are to grow the party and act as a spokesperson for the policies the members have duly adopted.

Greens across the country are deeply disappointed that the relationship between the leader and Green MPs has deteriorated to the extent that Jenica Atwin has crossed the floor to the Liberal Party of Canada.

By refusing to defend Green MPs from false accusations against them emanating from her own office, the Green Party leader has alienated members, failed to unite the party and succeeded only in shrinking our caucus.

While I do not believe that the Liberal Party is the way forward for progressive Canadians or for the country, I wish Jenica Atwin all the best in the future. I very much hope that, one day, the conditions will exist for her to return to the Green Party while remaining true to her values and priorities.

My full statement on the circumstances that precipitated Jenica’s departure can be read here.

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  • Jim Kogelheide

    To the point! Succinct! Bravo!

  • Lex Dunn

    Ms Paul MUST go. Perhaps when she is soundly defeated in Toronto Centre, she will be forced to.

  • Sharon Howarth

    I absolutely agree with Dimitri’s comments on a political party’s leader’s role. I’m grateful and thankful for writing this and other posts. Your writings express my feelings completely

  • Youri Smouter

    a truly heartbreaking state of affairs. You would think just given the mass global solidarity demonstrations that have taken place in Canada alone, nationwide demanding an end to Israeli apartheid, the sanctions of mass destruction on Gaza, the infinite crimes against humanity and a majority of humanity calling for the democratic one state solution, that Anamie Paul would ….I don’t know punch above her weight and condemn what Israel is doing, ISrael being the provacteur and push back against her advisor slandering their only sitting MPS, Dimitri, and others but wow talking about throwing someone under the bus. I agree with Dimitri, I wouldn’t join the Liberal Party, whose climate record, Palestine record, and Indigenous record is atrocious but hey! that aside its just very sobering to see Ms.Atwin feeling there’s no place for her in the Green Party. here’s hoping Dimitri or Meryam Hadadd run again in a leadership challenge should one where to occur because actions like this, the GPC will not make huge gains in any upcoming election acting as a Diet Liberal/NDP party.

  • Steve Berube

    Thanks for your comments Dimitri.

    The other primary responsibilities that I believe are incumbent upon a national party leader:
    to support elected members,
    to effectively manage the party staff.

    Unfortunately, we all know what

  • Richard

    Thanks for your energy and commitment to international justice. I supported you for leadership of the Greens and am inspired by the fact that you keep on fighting for just causes in spite of the poor leadership of the party at present. Thank you Paul Manley too !!

  • Nick

    Annamie Paul stated that Jenica Atwin was in talks with the Liberals before the Israel situation even came up … Jenica Atwin in an interview denied that was the case.

    So not only is Annamie a failure of leadership, she is lying about the whole situation. Regardless of policy positions, I can’t support a party with a clearly dishonest leader.

  • A Green Voter

    As a green voter I am disappointed with the current situation. And while I did vote for you in the leadership race (Annamie was my #2 choice) and don’t disagree with anything you’ve said in your past 2 articles, I can’t help but wonder if public criticism of the leader right now is helpful. Have you tried a more collaborative approach? It seems to me she could use the help.

    The leadership race is over. Lobbing doubt grenades her way is not going to help the Green Party. We need to unify to make any progress. Let’s focus on our goal and work as a team! Please.

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