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This week, I discussed the current state of the Ukraine war and the EU’s involvement in it with Zain Raza of German independent media outlet, AcTVism Munich.

We specifically explored the question of NATO military spending. As I explained, NATO’s annual collective military spending was in the range of US$1.2 trillion before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began last year. This constituted approximately three times the combined military spending of China and Russia. Since the invasion began, NATO governments have claimed repeatedly that they must now spend considerably more to keep us safe, but not one of those governments has provided a remotely credible explanation for why NATO is unable to satisfy its collective defence needs by spending three times more than China and Russia combined.

It seems that NATO military spending is never enough.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here.


“The Reality is Ukraine is losing” – Journalist Dimitri Lascaris

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  • Gregory Gillis

    Thank you Dimitri for continuing to expose the lies of this war, NATO, and Canada’s war government. We are being walked down the garden path to possible nuclear war. I firmly support you Yves Engler and everyone working for peace, diplomacy, and negotiation to end this horrible conflict before it is too late.

  • Marie Welton

    Thank you Dimitri. As always am so very thankful for your knowledge, wisdom , courage and compassion.

  • John Partyka

    I continue to learn more because of your hard work, skills and honesty Dimitri. Time to thank you, yet again brother!

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