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While sailing recently on the flagship vessel of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 2023, I interviewed a Swedish-American activist from Sweden’s Communist Party about his reasons for supporting the Palestinian cause. We also talked about the differences between living in Sweden and the United States.

You can watch and listen to our conversation here:


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  • gw

    A transcription of these interviews would be appreciated. I don’t have the tinme to sit and watch. Machine translation is far from perfect, but the alternative is to regretfully turn the page.

  • Youri

    Very interesting guests Dimitri! I’d love to know more about their perspectives on their country and the broadly Scandinavian affairs as there was a lot of mythbusting in their comments . Keep up the great work Dimitri, rewatched your presentation on Ukraine and up to date with all your postings and hope your well and safe as your on the Gaza freedom flotilla abs Shane on hit detractors for not giving you a fair hearing and properly engaging with you regarding on how to end the Nato-Ukraine -Russia conflict

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