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Today, I joined Zain Raza of independent German media outlet AcTVism Munich to discuss, among other subjects, the prevailing theories about the death of Wagner PMC boss Yevgeny Prigozhin, the geopolitical significance of the recent BRICS summit in South Africa, and the implications of the West providing F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine’s military.

I argued that there’s a glaring double standard in how the Western commentariat applies the concept of ‘cui bono’, or ‘who benefits from the crime’. Although the United States clearly was the primary beneficiary of the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, no mainstream commentator in the West dared to suggest that the U.S. government destroyed those pipelines.

By contrast, Western commentators have rushed to assert that Vladimir Putin ordered Prigozhin’s assassination because Putin stood to gain from the killing of Wagner PMC’s mutinous leader.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here:





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  • Gregory Gillis

    Thank you Dimitri for such a concise and informative description of what is unfolding in the Ukraine war and geopolitically. Always look forward to your columns and interviews.

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