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Today, after Guinea-Bissau’s strong-man acceded to Israel’s request that it withdraw its flag from two of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla’s vessels, organizers of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition held a press conference near Istanbul’s historic Blue Mosque.

I attended the press conference. There, I heard of the extraordinary lengths to which Israel will go to deprive Palestinians of humanitarian aid.

Despite Israel’s unconscionable tactics, the Flotilla’s organizers declared that they will persevere.

You can watch and listen to my report here:

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  • Denis Cooper

    I compare this to: The govt of the max security prizon allows the grieving familly of a death row prizoner, about to be executed, the opportunity to feed that perso and bring whatever aid to him. The Govt is made to look good. What difference did it make to the prisoner?? Come 6 am next day. . . what was decreed will happen

  • Admiral G. Cook

    Keaora Dimitri
    My name is Gregory Cook
    Admiral of the Native Nation:
    Confederation of United Tribes.
    Jueisdiction: 1831 1834 korareka/ Russell bat of island northland New Zealans Aotea.
    Im assosiated with nzsos.
    We can potentially help with flag juridiction.
    We stand for ‘NO MORE WAR’ our capitol vessel in currently in the read sea ( BOREAL )
    She been succesful in our charter to use my juridiction, and has been extramly succesful.
    Our fkag does carry alot of waight via navel signal, ir has not been seen on the world stage for sometime. We are a none agressive nutral idenity.
    Wr would be proud if we can assist in this dyer situation.
    We of zero glovle treat,
    Please we xan defintly assist in this capacity.

    Admiral G. Cook
    High Protector
    Proctor of Admirlty Lore.
    Sent 29 April 2024.

    P.s: We have also corrosponded with:
    Micheal Teern via FB messager.

    We do have a depolmatic team on stand by for orrospondance.

    • Dimitri Lascaris

      Thank you for your kind offer of assistance. I have passed your message on to the organizers of the Freedom Flotilla. Peace, Dimitri

  • Eric Peter

    Again I cry. What kind of monsters are we that allow our governments to consciously allow people to be murdered and starved with hardly a word of contempt. One must ask who the evil empires really are.

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