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On June 22, 2023 in Winnipeg Canada, I gave a speech on the Ukraine war after pro-war agitators caused two Winnipeg-area venues to cancel my speech. At the third venue, which was secured by the organizers at the last minute, I talked about the importance of free speech and the damage that is done to democracy when dissenters are de-platformed.


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  • James Lane

    Far too often are the voices of reason drowned out with the flood of finance

  • David Gutnick

    Your welcoming debate is serious and mature. Thank you for calmly saying that.

    I have read your posts on your Russia trip, seen many of your interviews.

    I disagree with you deeply and think your support of Putin is dangerous and very, very wrong.

    That said, you are so right, silencing is not the answer, it never is, showing where you are wrong and how you basically promote Putin’s propaganda is what needs to be done. 

  • David Gutnick

    One thing: you call the people who (wrongly) tried to silence you « pro war agitators. »

    You are the one who justifies Putin’s war.

    Dimitri with all due respect it is when you say things so obviously dumb that explains why you are not taken seriously.

    Dude, rethink this as otherwise you are simply going to keep speaking to your minuscule group of pro Putin « confusedianados, » remember (?) his troops invaded Ukraine in 2014.

  • James Lane

    David, I notice Dimitri has not responded to your jibes. Perhaps it is because he has a difficult time rationalizing that there are people that can’t see the blatant agitation the US executive intentionally applied, and still maintains, at Russia’s threshold. And that is mentioning just one of the doors their war machine is knocking on.

    • David Gutnick

      Hello James;
      Russia invaded and began bombing hospitals, water treatment plants, killed mentally disabled people in their homes, and slaughtered citizens on their bicycles and in their gardens.

      You blame the USA and NATO for provocation?

      You blame NATO for Dimitri refusing to condem Putin jailing dissidents?

      Anti war, anti-Putin activists are not arguing that NATO and the West are not guilty of many crimes in Iraq, in Libya, are not complicit with the apartheid in Israel. What anti- war activists are saying is that’utin invaded a sovereign Ukraine in 2014 and now has done it again and must be stopped.

      To simply point fingers at countries that have been asked by the government of Ukraine for help – and Ukrainian socialists are clear in thanking NATO for this) is simply to willfully ignore a neo- fascist government’s imperialist war.

      • James Lane

        A couple adages come to mind David;
        An old French proverb: ‘Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are’
        And … ‘You don’t need to eat less, you merely need to eat right’
        Moi? I prefer a balanced diet.

  • Melvin Zimmerman

    “Putin is dangerous”? no, really? in WWII wasn’t the Red Army Gen. Zhukov DANGEROUS? “and very very very wrong”-a grade shool pupil might have said that because he or she hadn’t the foggiest notion of EVIDENCE-I read it in the news-Putin is bad.

  • Youri

    JE Suis Tres Dimitri, JE Suis Professor Desai and JE Suis tres Yves Engler and WSWS. The real cancel culture and suppressed culture is inflicted on those who of us who don’t stand by NATO and the Pivot to Asia’s real aim and may the rest of the speaking tour go well Dimitri, you have my support and solidarity. all power to you and the anti-imperialist/ and CAnada truthtelling and mythbusting movement.

  • James Lane

    There is a question in the air, though the US exe may be leveraging the threat to justify it’s own expansionist designs. Does China have their own design of world domination and conquering to implement a massive social credit system. There are many doors that can lead us to a just and fair future but we must be aware that there be wolves at all of them.

  • James Lane

    Perhaps those that doubt the validity of Dimitri’s stance should have a read:


    it is an honouable position you are taking, dimitri. dialogue and peace solutions are critical. few believe your motives, however. posting repeated insults at zelensky as being “corrupt,anti-democratic and a radically neoliberal tyrant” just lets us all know you are hard-left stooge whose hatred of US imperialism is so great that you will ally with anyone to get your point out there.

  • David Gutnick

    NYTimes today, June 27th

    « According to his own account reported in Belarusian state media, Mr. Lukashenko said Mr. Putin had raised the possibility of killing Mr. Prigozhin. But Mr. Lukashenko said that he had urged against a rushed response, saying that “a bad peace is better than any war.”

    And there you go, Lukashenko says exactly what we opponents to the Putin invasion have been saying since 2014.

    A bad peace is better than any war.


    This one line is the nail in the coffin (!) of anyone… who wiggles out of explaining how they justify the Russian killing.

    Fu&$ers (do I sound angry about the tens of thousands Putin has killed?) who defend Putin’s invasion.

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