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On March 16, 2024, while travelling by vehicle from Tel Aviv to Eilat, I explored the border areas of Gaza. I visited Gaza’s border again, on March 18, during my return from Eilat to Tel Aviv.

I’ve struggled to find the words to describe what I saw. The images I captured are more powerful than any commentary I could conjure.

All that I can add to those images is this: it’s one thing to read about a genocide, it’s quite another to see it with one’s own eyes, even from a distance.

My video reports from the Gaza border

In the course of my two visits to the Gaza border, I generated three video reports.

The first of my videos from shot on March 16 from a look-out point called “Camel Hill”. Camel Hill is situated steps away from the Israeli settlement of Sderot, and lies about one kilometre from the northeastern corner of the Gaza Strip.

The second of my videos was also shot on March 16. That video relates to the Israeli settlements that ring Gaza and that came under attack on October 7. Although I was unable to enter any of those settlements, I was able to visit the site of the Nova Music Festival.  As Electronic Intifada has reported (see here and here), many of the festival-goers who died on that day were killed by Israeli ‘friendly fire’.

The third of my videos was shot on March 18. On that day, after attempting unsuccessfully to return to Camel Hill, I visited the large Israeli settlement of Sderot. Sderot is a sprawling, Western-style suburbia lying at the doorstep of the Gaza death-camp.

All three of my videos are posted below.

Camel Hill


Nova Music Festival



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  • evelyn tischer

    Again, Dimitri, all I can say is thank you and take care.
    God help us to finally live in peace.

  • Lou Cassivi

    And to know that our snake-in-a-suit, apple-polishing, parasitic puppet drama teacher, posing as a prime minister, aids and abets in this holocaust, makes it contemptible beyond belief.

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