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After spending ten days this month in occupied Palestine, I just had to rant about Andrew Coyne.

Coyne is a regular commentator on the flagship political debate program of Canada’s national broadcaster, and is one of Canada’s most shameless promoters of Israel’s genocidal regime.

You can hear my full rant here:

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  • Javney Mohr

    Yes – well done! Thank you!
    Y análisis en el espiritu de Ché! Viva viva Palestina.

  • Kathleen Donovan

    He was on the CBC radio this morning with his lies

  • Michael Brothers

    Excellent job.
    This format I think works well for you.

  • Eric Peter

    Yes, even before I listened to your rant, I noticed Andrew’s Zionist bigotry in one of his articles. I always liked Andrew because of his support for Proportional Representation. But hell, what do you expect? He worked for the National Post founded by Conrad Black and I understand now owned, at least in part, by a Trump hedge fund and the Zionist influence in The G & M is also fairly apparent. They pay his salary and, therefore, control his rhetoric. To Canada I say; “Once were Peace Keepers”. Not “war mongers”. I share your anger!!!!

  • Eric Peter

    PS: Love the Che Guevara “POSITION VACANT” poster in the background.

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