Canada’s Ex-Justice Minister Irwin Cotler Disrupted at Concordia University

Yesterday, Canada’s former Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, a relentless promoter of Israel, spoke at Concordia University in Montreal.

Along with Yves Engler and Malcolm Guy of Quebec Movement for Peace, I disrupted Mr. Cotler’s speech.

Here’s the video of my exchange with the former Justice Minister.


  1. Dianne Varga

    What hard work you and your friends put in. Cheers.

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  2. lonely rico

    Absolutely right, Cotler is a fraud. There is no defense for Zionist criminality, none.
    Bravo Dimitri.

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  3. Arrby

    Well done Dimitri. Cotler makes me puke. The entire Canadian political class makes me puke. Yves Engler has some interesting things to say about another fraud, namely Elizabeth May, who, Engler reveals, has a close relationship to Cotler. That article is on Canadian Dimension magazine (still carrying him, to my surprise).

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