Study: Loss of Stratocumulus Clouds Could Precipitate Extreme Global Warming

56 million years ago, the Earth experienced a brief, cataclysmic hot spell now known as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, or PETM.

After heat-trapping carbon leaked into the sky from an unknown source, the planet, which was already several degrees Celsius hotter than it is today, gained an additional six degrees.

The PETM another episodes of intense warming were more extreme than theoretical models of the climate have been. Even after accounting for differences in geography, ocean currents, and vegetation during these past episodes, paleoclimatologists realized that an important but unknown factor was missing from their models.

Now, a new study in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience indicates that hitherto unknown factor is cloud cover. According to the study, decks of stratocumulus clouds, which cover about 20 percent of the low-latitude oceans, become unstable and break up into scattered clouds when CO2 levels rise above 1,200 parts per million.

This instability triggers a surface warming of a stunning 8 degrees Celsius globally.

For The Real News Network, I spoke to a co-author of the study, Professor Tapio Schneider. Our discussion can be watched and listened to here:

Ontario Court of Appeal Allows Defamation Lawsuit Against B’nai Brith Canada to Proceed

In 2017, I commenced a defamation action against B’nai Brith Canada after it repeatedly and falsely accused me of ‘advocating on behalf of’ and ‘supporting’ terrorists.

B’nai Brith responded to my lawsuit by filing a motion to dismiss under Ontario’s relatively new anti-SLAPP legislation (“SLAPP” stands for “strategic lawsuits against public participation”).

In June 2018, a motions judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice granted B’nai Brith’s motion to dismiss.

I subsequently appealed that decision to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Today, the Ontario Court of Appeal allowed my appeal. The Court’s reasons for allowing my appeal can be found here.

As I explained in my affidavit in opposition to B’nai Brith’s motion to dismiss, I have an extensive and unambiguous record of opposition to violence, and particularly violence directed at innocent civilians.

Despite this fact, B’nai Brith has never retracted or apologized for its false and defamatory accusations against me.

I am therefore grateful that the Court of Appeal has permitted me to have my day in Court.

Venezuelans Who Oppose Nicolas Maduro Say Trump Wants To Control Venezuela’s Resources

During my recent trip to Venezuela, I sought out and spoke to both supporters and critics of President Nicolas Maduro.

On February 14, 2019, the Real News published a report of my interviews of ordinary Venezuelans who support President Maduro (that report can be watched and listened to here).

This just-published report concerns my conversations with Venezuelans who are critical of the Maduro government.

Interestingly, even among those who oppose President Maduro, I was hard-pressed to find anyone who believes that Donald Trump is genuinely interested in the well-being of the Venezuelan people. On the contrary, there appears to be a widespread belief among both supporters and opponents of the Maduro government that Trump’s singular objective is to secure control of Venezuela’s resources, and particularly its massive oil reserves.

Equally interesting was the attitude of Maduro’s opponents toward the legacy of Hugo Chavez. While many supporters of Juan Guaido are hostile to the Chavez legacy, there appears to be considerable respect for the achievements of Hugo Chavez even among those are critical of President Maduro.

My report on my conversations with opponents of the Maduro government can be watched and listened to here.

“Hands Off Venezuela” Rallies Held in Cities Around the World

On February 23, “Hands Off Venezuela” rallies were held in cities around the world.

For The Real News Network, I attended one such rally in Ottawa, Canada.

At the Ottawa rally, protesters marched from Justin Trudeau’s office to the United States embassy demanding that Western leaders keep their “greedy hands” off of Venezuela’s resources.

My report on the Ottawa protest can be watched and heard here:

My thanks to my daughter Lena, who shot the video for this report.

Is Participatory Democracy the Solution to Venezuela’s Crisis?

During my recent trip to Caracas, Venezuela, I spoke with Atenea Jimenez, the speaker of a Network of Communes.

Atenea argued that collective, grassroots decision-making is the key to solving Venezuela’s crisis.

She also stated that “the biggest fear of all is that a self-proclamation of a president nobody voted for is legitimized.”

My conversation with Atenea can be seen and heard here:


My Response To U.N. Watch’s False and Defamatory Letter to U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres

On February 21, 2019, U.N. Watch, an entity which masquerades as a human rights organization but which acts as little more than a propaganda organ of the Israeli government, filed a complaint with United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres about Professor Michael Lynk.

Micheal Lynk, a Canadian law professor, is the U.N.’s Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

U.N. Watch and its propagandist-in-chief, Hillel Neuer, have relentlessly attacked Professor Lynk because his eloquent and meticulously documented reports on the Occupied Palestinian Territories have helped to expose the extent to which Israel’s government flouts international law with impunity.

The U.N. Watch complaint to the Secretary General contains a litany of baseless accusations, distortions and outright fabrications. I do not propose to respond to them all. Professor Lynk is eminently capable of doing that himself, should he deem it worthwhile to do so.

Of particular concern to me is that the U.N. Watch complaint includes the false and defamatory claim that I am an anti-Semite. Accordingly, I have written a letter to the United Nations Secretary General to respond to that aspect of the U.N. Watch complaint.

A copy of my letter to the Secretary General is set forth below, as are links to the four articles and statements referenced in my letter to the Secretary General.

ADL Final Letter to UN Secretary General re UN Watch

Links to the articles and statements referenced in my letter to the U.N. Secretary General:

  1. My Response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Smear: Sir, I Will Not Be Deterred From Defending Human Rights, Dimitri Lascaris, September 11, 2018.
  2. Dimitri Lascaris is not an Anti-Semite, Independent Jewish Voices Canada, September 14, 2018.
  3. Prime Minister Owes Human Rights Activist An ApologyRicochet Media, October 12, 2018.
  4. McGill University Should Withdraw Its Honorary Doctorate To Hillel Neuer, Dimitri Lascaris, October 25, 2018.