Did Trump Screw Over Workers in the Booming U.S. Solar Industry?

Last week, Donald Trump’s administration imposed a steep 30% tariff on imported solar cells and panels, saying the move showed the United States would create more jobs in the country.

For The Real News, I discussed Trump’s solar panels tariff with Dan Whitten, the Vice-President of Communications with the Solar Energy Industries Association.

According to Mr. Whitten, not only will Trump’s solar panels tariff fail to create jobs, it will actually destroy about 23,000 jobs in the U.S. solar energy industry.

My interview of Mr. Whitten can be seen here:


The East China Sea Confronts the Largest Marine Spill of Natural Gas Condensate in History

For The Real News Network, I speak to marine biologist and oil spill specialist Dr. Richard Steiner about the biggest marine spill of condensate in the history of the fossil fuels industry.

According to Dr. Steiner, this spill in the East China Sea will expose “a productive offshore marine ecosystem” to massive quantities of “an acutely toxic chemical.” Even worse, Dr. Steiner accuses the Chinese government of failing to heed his recommendation to immediately implement a rapid environmental assessment program with water and air quality sampling, biological monitoring, and carcass collection.

My interview of Dr. Steiner can be seen here:


‘Bomb Train’: Oil Execs Try to Blame Workers for Tragic Accident

In 2013, a deadly oil train explosion in the small town of Lac-M├ęgantic, Quebec rocked the nation. Despite abundant evidence that the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway Company had placed profits ahead of safety, Quebec and federal prosecutors went after the workers rather than the executives.

Days ago, three of those workers were acquitted of charges brought provincially, but they still face federal charges.

For The Real News, I speak with Fritz Elder, a veteran train wreck investigator and Chairperson of the Defence Committee of two of the charged workers, about the prosecutors’ failed case and the true causes of this disaster.


Falsely Accused Terrorism Suspect Released After 10-Year Ordeal

Dr. Hassan Diab is a Canadian sociology professor. His academic career was interrupted about a decade ago when he was falsely accused of an attack near a synagogue in Paris, France in 1980. In 2008, France requested Dr. Diab’s extradition from Canada. Canadian authorities then imprisoned him, subject to Draconian bale conditions, for six years.

Dr. Diab was extradited to France in 2014. His extradition occurred at the hands of a Canadian judge, Robert Maranger, who described the evidence against Dr. Diab as “illogical,” “very problematic,” and “convoluted and confusing with conclusions that are suspect.” The judge concluded that the prospects for conviction seemed unlikely, but that his hands were tied by Canada’s extradition law. He therefore committed Dr. Diab to extradition.

Under Canada’s extradition law, Canada’s Justice Minister nonetheless had discretion not to surrender Dr. Diab to French authorities. That minister was conservative Rob Nicholson. Upon reading Justice Maranger’s concerns, Nicholson could have chosen not to extradite Dr. Diab, but did so anyways.

After being extradited to France, Dr. Diab spent three years and two months in France’s largest prison. He was ordered released on bail eight times by four different French judges. However, each time, the prosecutor blocked his release. On January 12, 2018, only days ago, two French anti-terrorism judges cleared him and ordered his immediate and unconditional release. Dr. Diab has finally been reunited with his family in Canada, including his son who was born after his extradition.

For The Real News Network, I spoke to Dr. Diab about his decade-long ordeal and about the individuals and organizations who had a hand in that ordeal – former Conservative Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and B’nai Brith Canada. My interview of Dr. Diab can be seen here:


India’s Capital of Delhi has the World’s Worst Air Pollution – Why?

Air pollution in India’s capital Delhi is now so bad that breathing Delhi’s air is the equivalent of smoking 50 cigarettes a day.

For The Real News, I speak to Shouvik Chakraborty, a Research Fellow at the Political Economy Research Institute, UMASS-Amherst, about the severity of this public health crisis and the means by which it can be solved.

As Shouvik explains, the technology and strategies that are necessary to liberate residents of India’s major cities from suffocating air pollution are known – the solution is simply a matter of political will.

My interview of Shouvik can be seen here:


Hope is Rising that the Greek Crisis Will be Overcome

For The Real News, I speak to Professor Aristides Baltas, a former member of the Syriza cabinet in Greece.

Professor Baltas talks about his experience in Greek politics, Greece’s relationship to the Trump administration, and Greece’s efforts to recover the Parthenon Marbles from Britain.

My interview of Professor Baltas can be seen here:




Canada’s Major Banks Continue to Profit from Climate Disaster

For The Real News, I speak with Alex Speers-Roesch of Greenpeace Canada about two major fossil fuels divestment initiatives announced within the past few days.

The World Bank just announced that it will divest from fossil fuels exploration and extraction, while AXA, the world’s third largest insurer, has announced that it will divest from coal, tar sands and tar sands pipelines.

As Alex explains, however, all of Canada’s major banks remain invested in the tar sands, with Toronto-Dominion Bank being the worst offender.

My discussion with Alex can be seen here: