Indonesian Authorities Punish Peaceful Refugee Protesters at Balikpapan Detention Centre

Six weeks ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Ehsanullah Sahil, an Afghan refugee who has been unjustly interned for four years in Indonesia’s Balikpapan detention centre.

At the time, Ehsanullah and his fellow refugee inmates had peacefully protested for 100 straight days to demand their freedom and dignity.

For The Real News, I spoke to Eshanullah again this week. As he explains, some inmates have been released since he and I first spoke but the vast majority remain interned with no end in sight. Even worse, Indonesian authorities have adopted punitive measures in an apparent attempt to deter further peaceful protests by those who remain unjustly imprisoned.

Despite the punitive measure, the inmates have continued to peacefully demand their freedom.

My interview of Ehsanullah can be seen here:


If Trump’s G7 Antics Prove Anything, It’s That Canada Must Become Less Dependent on U.S. Trade

On The Real News, I discuss with Sharmini Peries Canada’s excessive dependence on trade with the United States and the pressing need for Canada to diversify its trading relationships.

Sharmini and I also discuss Doug Ford’s reckless plan to withdraw Ontario from a cap-and-trade program with California and Quebec.

My conversation with Sharmini can be seen here:

Ontario’s Premier-Elect Doug Ford Threatens To Suppress Free Speech Based On Fake News

On June 7, 2018, Doug Ford and Ontario’s “Progressive” Conservative Party won a large majority of the seats in Ontario’s legislature with the support of less than 41% of voters and less than 24% of eligible voters.

Three days later, Ford launched a frontal assault on Ontarians’ right to free speech and free assembly.

As reported by the Ottawa Citizen on June 11, “Doug Ford’s first new position as Ontario’s premier-to-be is that he’ll stop the annual anti-Israel protests called ‘Al-Quds Day.’”

The apparent cause of Ford’s lightening-speed assault on our constitutional rights was a barrage of fake news from none other than B’nai Brith Canada. Continue Reading ›

Indigenous Labour Leader from Canada Sails to Gaza on the Freedom Flotilla

For The Real News, I spoke last week to Ron Rousseau, Aboriginal Vice-President of the Canada Labour Congress and President of the Whitehorse Local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, about his decision to join the Freedom Flotilla’s latest expedition to the devastated and blockaded enclave of Gaza.

My discussion with Ron can be seen here:

Livestock Companies Are Failing to Measure and Disclose their Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A new index launched by the FAIRR Initiative in the United Kingdom has revealed that nearly three quarters of the world’s biggest meat and fish companies have provided little or no evidence to show that they are measuring or reporting their emissions.

For the Real News, I spoke to Maria Lettini, director of the FAIRR Initiative, about these troubling findings.  My interview of Ms. Lettini can be seen here:


Far-Right Ideologue Doug Ford Wins a Majority in Canada’s Most Populous Province

In 2006, the scandal-plagued Liberal Party of Canada opened the door to the far-right Conservative government of the now discredited Stephen Harper.

In 2018, the scandal-plagued Liberal Party of Ontario opened the door to the far-right “Progressive” Conservative government of Doug Ford.

As I discuss with Sharmini Peries of The Real News, Canada’s Liberals seem to have a perverse talent for creating the conditions in which far-right candidates can win: