EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s ‘Days Are Numbered’ for Ethics Violations

While EPA chief Scott Pruitt rented a condo at below-market rates from a landlord connected to the powerful lobbying firm of Canadian pipeline company Enbridge, the EPA approved a major Enbridge project. That project was the expansion of the Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline.

For The Real News, I speak about this brazen conflict of interest with Todd Paglia, Executive Director of Stand Earth. According to Mr. Paglia, Pruitt’s days as EPA chief are numbered, but we should not expect that Donald Trump will replace Pruitt with someone who is more committed to the mission of the EPA.

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Global Warming’s Impact on Ocean Currents to Amplify Sea Level Rise

Two new studies published in the scientific journal Nature have identified a dramatic weakening of a key northern Atlantic Ocean current, the AMOC.

For the Real News, I speak with a lead author of one of those studies, Levke Caesar of the Potsdam Institute. As Levke explains, if the AMOC collapses, the east coast of the United States would experience rapid sea level rise over and above the sea level rise currently anticipated due to the melting of glaciers and ice sheets. In addition, a collapse in the AMOC would precipitate more extreme temperatures in Europe.

My interview of Levke can be seen here:


Justin Trudeau Vows to Bail Out the Profitable Texas Oil Company, Kinder Morgan

In 2017, Texas oil company Kinder Morgan generated net profits of US$223 million and revenues of nearly US$14 billion. Despite Kinder Morgan’s high profitability and massive financial resources, Justin Trudeau has vowed to use taxpayer money to bail out Kinder Morgan on its planet-wrecking project to expand the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline.

As I explain in this interview with Sharmini Peries of The Real News, Trudeau’s commitment to expend public money on this environmentally reckless project comes on top of his failure to end fossil fuel subsidies, something he promised to do in the 2015 election.

Canada’s government is indeed ‘back’ – it’s back to enriching oil barons at the expense of Canadians and the planet on which we depend for our very survival.

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Trudeau Panics After Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline Suspended

After Kinder Morgan issued a press release announcing the suspension of work at the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, Justin Trudeau convened an emergency cabinet meeting. In effect, a single press release from a fossil fuels company sent the entire Trudeau cabinet into a panic. ┬áIt is hard to imagine more powerful proof of Justin Trudeau’s subservience to Big Oil.

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Major Banks Ramp Up Extreme Fossil Fuel Financing Despite Climate Crisis

For The Real News, I speak to Alison Kirsch of the Rainforest Action Network about a new report which shows that financing for extreme fossil fuels like the tar sands increased in 2017.

As Alison explains, the principal villains are Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion Bank and JP Morgan.

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Under Trump, How Will the U.S. Military Prepare for Displacement Caused By Climate Change?

Recently, America’s climate change denier President removed climate change from the list of national security threats.

For the Real News, I speak about this development with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.

According to Col. Wilkerson, Trump’s move has not diminished the Pentagon’s deep and growing concern about climate change. On the contrary, national security simulations run by U.S. authorities foresee the possibility of up to 500 million climate refugees clamouring for access to regions where they can obtain food and water.

My interview of Col. Wilkerson can be seen here:

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Delinquent $13.8 Billion Pipeline Company Receives Minor Fine For Major Oil Spill

Big Oil and the Trudeau government insist that the transportation of oil by pipelines is safe, but experience continues to contradict them.

In the last 12 years, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, which manages one of the largest petroleum pipeline networks in the U.S., has had 61 incidents, 12 of which have been in Indiana. These incidents include a recent spill of 42,000 gallons of diesel fuel into an Indiana creek. In the same week in which that spill occurred, Marathon paid a fine of about $300,000 for another spill last year into the Wabash River.

For The Real News, I speak to Jodi Perras of the Sierra Club, who explains that the fine Marathon just paid is a ‘drop in the bucket’ compared to Marathon’s annual profit of $330 million. Jodi explains that, contrary to the claims of pipeline proponents, the transportation of oil by pipelines is anything but ‘safe’, and regulators are doing far too little to enforce existing environmental laws.

My interview of Jodi can be seen here: