New Canadian Climate Model Predicts Alarming Levels of Global Heating

For The Real News Network, I spoke this week with Dr. Neil Swart of the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling & Analysis (CCCMA). The CCCMA has developed a more sophisticated climate model which predicts that, under a high emissions scenario, we will see 7-8C of warming by 2100. The model also predicts that, even in a strong emissions mitigation scenario, the world will experience 2.4C of global heating over pre-industrial levels by 2100.


Why Canadians Should Care About the Labels on Wines Made in Israel’s Illegal Settlements

On Question de Preuve with Me Hugo Martin of Rivercast Media, I recently discussed Canada’s crisis of access to justice, the challenges of being a lawyer and an activist, and the decision of Canada’s Federal Court to reject “Product of Israel” labels on wines made in Israel’s West Bank settlements. Among other things, I expressed the view that lawyers should be required to devote significant amounts of time to representing, free of charge, clients who cannot afford a lawyer.

Our discussion can be heard here:├ępisode-9-les-raisins-de-la-discorde/id1452058531?i=1000458236806 #Palestine

Toronto Sun Doubles Down On Smears of Pro-Palestinian Protesters at York University

Yesterday, mere hours after retracting a claim (first reported by the Jerusalem Post) that “hundreds” of pro-Palestinian protesters had chanted “back to the ovens” to Jewish persons at York University, the Toronto Sun published an article by Joe Warmington which identifies, for the first time, two purported witnesses to the alleged incident. Continue Reading ›

Israeli Soldier Who Accused PalSol Activists of Anti-Semitic Chants Specialized in Targeted Killings And Kidnapping of Palestinians

An investigation has revealed that the only source for a Jerusalem Post story which falsely accused Palestinian solidarity activists of chanting “back to the ovens” at York University is a Canadian-Israeli member of a secretive Israeli military unit which specializes in targeted killings and kidnappings of Palestinians. Continue Reading ›